COOLING WATER by: Hrsh Reyalitee

Blessings are pouring down on me. Umbrella? No thank you please.

Blessings are rushing to my feet like ocean waves.

Nah I wanna keep my socks and sneakers on.

When I take them off and dry my feet, I wanna stick them back in my cold sneaks and feel the chills of God’s abundance in my life bump up on my legs, arms, and make my choppers chatter.

I wanna hang my socks out on the line so the breeze can stiffing them.

Then I want to put on a new pair so that everything that I put on can experience the feeeeelll of God.

Blessings engulf me like a 6 foot pool to my 5’4 frame as if I jumped in the deep in not realizing how deep it truly was. It’s kind of like God.

I let him into my life knowing that he was Good, but realized How Excellent is thy Name

I use God’s love like Cooling Water to wet my face to wash away the shame, and cast away the blame.

I’ve been baptized for the second time, and now I wet my soul with words and Drown my sorrows in stanzas.

Dedicated to my Father

Deacon Gaston Preddy

The Song below is called Cooling Water by the Williams Brothers. This was my fathers FAVORITE song.  He wasn’t the best singer Lol, but he sang this song. PLEASE believe. I Love YOU and MISS YOU Daddy. With Love, Snoopy :-)

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