A Brilliant Thinker


While I’m sitting in the train station waiting for the 4:19p train and its 3:23p, I season my goals with Nacho Cheese Doritos.

With each chip another explodes.

Write, then bite..damn I’m thirsty


I think about what’s missing in life of this Young Activist with a land of the free mentality
Cause I feel like I can do whatever.

I Treat my aspiration like my lover, do whatever the necessary be. To ensure that like water
the exeedance of expectations hath runneth over.

Praise yah jah god allah when my voice speaks…

But only when I excite you to your feet

So that you will take a stand real tall like a long stretch…

and hear your freedom finally ring.


What is missing in my existence that continues to BE due to all of the hopes and dreams that hold me up and steady like balance beams..

For without them  I would be hopeless.

Without dreams every night I would lay motionless in my shallow breathing resembling my loved ones who have moved on to bigger and better things however will never see Me…again

However, because of DREAMS and the hope of dreams coming true

I can walk around with a sincere smile and simply wear the weight of man’s necessary burdens.

Like cell phone bills, because I MUST stay connected *sarcasm*

If it were up to me, you would see me when you see me. This way your eyes light up EACH…and…Every….TIME I cross your path or your mind.

How divine is it to be thought of…it’s Amazing to me.

But, What is lost from the world of a genius mind capable to taking over whatever my mind sees accessible.
Truth is…everything can be mine, I just don’t want to be selfish

but something is missing, I can say I miss it because I had it before…but not anymore

I swear it was with me when I walked through the station door

what could it…

what could it be..i don’t know, but it’s gone

Nacho Bag is empty QUICK like a playground after freshly raining bull lets..

the thirst in my body is hard to suppress–


I lost my…

…where are you?

-Hrsh Reyalitee



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