Alcoholic Speaks of an Ex

Raheem say we living like we’re bulletproof
Load it cock it let it shoot

But I’m really only human here’s the proof
When I get real lonely I hit Ms. Grey goose
And if mary come around me, I might hit that too.

But ms. Goose treated me like candy and she always has a sweet tooth.

Under these clothes on me, I have prints of shoes
All down my back but no puncture wounds

Sometimes they ask me, how did strength become you?

I’m not strong, but I force me to…


But the world still gives me bullshit jus like it does to you
Like its suppose to do

I expose the goose and let her know, I know what it do

on Her test of love I circle false not true

Cuz too many ppl are in love with you, so seducing them as well… is what you do.

But I guess I love you too

Fuck what your bodily harm can do
I jus love what ya feeling do

For jus a split second you…
Overcome my lips and we get so sensual

You whisper in my ear and say “just forget about it, I want you”

So take me boo

Undress me like you always do

But why aren’t you naked too

Take that off, I really want to meet all of you.

Why did you put me in the nude?
Now I’m naked, and your fading, what was the point you proved?

Because now I’m lonely again, and I can’t find my shoes
But you found yours, and left me back with reality like you always do.

It’s over is the next words I’ll say to you…

I walk to my mirror and see me and say..hey You.  I’m sorry, I promise I’ll stay True. Never again will I DEPEND on her Oceans of Blues.

Your too beautiful…I hope you don’t mine if I treat her as my slut on a Saturday or two ;-)



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