I’m Up Here


I’m floating and I’m not coming off this ride
I Love the way I feel inside
With my Eyes closed, yet wide
Inviting you to come inside..
This is the day in the life Of a free soul

But you can call me Gold, cuz I’m not rare; just overlooked I suppose

But I’m not just Gold,I’m a rose, a diamond mind, a sweet grape off a vine, and
I’m free time
and the sweet wrapper I use to roll it up in before I grab pens and pads and get
da flowing

I’m working to be the Queen of this Word Flow thing
like those in line of royalty

SO..Up next on the throne is I!
or maybe I’m just way too high to realize
Sike nah!
I mean REYALITEE is Me
So the throne is indeed the next step like the heavens gave me directions

They said I need to show you Me..
So I said ok
I’m Harsh like a sneeze while in the driver’s seat
Real like make-up sex
Cool like a L on the beach (lol)
I’m a black bird flying over the sea
With featherless wings

I get right while sitting on an air plane
with my pad and pen Ballin’
Lost in a trance of serenity
With the thought of Reality killing me softly
Gripping each second before I fall
Holding on to hopes and dreams
While still in the same spot…

Now I’m jus looking at you as your
Placing doubts and judging, glaring at me with glass eyes on that sober face

The Fuck you looking at?

I’m all the way up here getting creative with Gods, and Goddesses
Singing with Mr. Marley and laughing with Bernie Mac
With Aaliyah sitting in my lap. Yeah I died a little bit when I wrote that
line…but it felt good.

Ohh damn, I’m coming in for landing
To pick up my best friend
And that friend is nothing less than my passion

Hey passionate…No hesitiation, just exciting reactions, join the sin I call
Look at us

Trying not to get our ass kicked
By those who’s devotion is in motion to stop me

So I remain focused, take off on these smoke clouds that I’m choking on
I’m getting lifted
It’s better this time…
it felt like I was smoking her kisses
She was holding on to me while we swang from the bushed
I’ll lead, she followed
I took her through the sky Holding on to a bottle as I waddle on our way to
cloud nine.
When we got there.

How divine was to sip wine beneath the greatest in sin

Questionable is my sanity Indeed, but I’m high

so we blown like we some bubble gum
Blow bubbles like its purple bubble yum
Take the fall into eternal damnation

HA! Never mind…we there already
On the way through the atmosphere
breathe heavy
Until there is no oxygen to breathe
Think about how close to the edge we’ll be
sitting high HIGH on the clouds would u call it blasphemy?
My flow is sinful, see?
You think I want to sit in the upper room where the Pastor’s be while I’m in XTC
I’d rather be on the curb where the lyrical master’s be
Cuz that’s natural to me
Like what a perm don’t to be

I give you: the people a worry free guarantee
would YOU like to go on this ride with me?

Think rationally…cuz my thoughts incomplete like third grade sentences
Get up here and help me finish this shit..nah, I don’t mean my sentences. Lol

Ohh I mean it’s not much…but u can finish it

Written by: Shadel Preddy


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