Hrsh Reyalitee & Devin Wilder

Devon Wilder January 30 at 12:37pm

do u want 2 hit it juss like old times?? lol we can do it rite here on facebook. juss let me know when ur ready lol

Shadel HrshReyalitee Preddy February 1 at 5:09pm

I’m wit it..start us off

Devon Wilder February 2 at 5:14pm

some ppl spit n grip words 2 smoke the best herbs, or maybe for the the cars which is y their bars r so superficial. i make sure i hit it wit issues release like missiles and rip thru gristles everytime my mind meets the ink it attacks likes a mad man. See poetry made me me i put in work which is why i insert my best in everything i do. i purse the best n nuffin less on this quest we call life as each of us will take different directions in order 2 get where we need 2 b. its not easy bein a young black male its like ppl look at u as if ur destined 2 fail. but im here 2 let u know my mind is not frail so bail for jail u can give that 2 da next man as i undastand hatas try 2 knock u off ur plans of life by deceptions n they will step in ur best moments only 2 destroy u n ur convoy. Thats why i dont sleep anywhere because demons get so close they try 2 creep in thru ur semen. I thank poetry 4 giving me style n swag because i can switch up my flow like a fag switchin hips it juss that i do it wit my lips n let these verbs n adjectives grip the air so im gonna give it 2 del n c how she is gonna hit it after she reads wha i put rite here.

Shadel HrshReyalitee Preddy February 2 at 9:58pm

I read what your saying, and I’m fly, in a plane heading in the same direction. Leaving everything in the past, having no recollection.
But I gather up my dreams like church services do money during collection.
Take my dreams to the next step, make them come true, and make the rest of my life on this earth Heaven.
Since God gave me this gift I call the Present, why should i worry about the past.
It’s all gone away, like yesterday
Today brought a new shine to the old sun, but I’m feeling a different way
Feeling like I can do whatever
yeah I been through some crazy shit but I’m gonna do betta

Only thing that can POSSIBLY take me down is lightening in stormy weather. That’s why I don’t walk with an Umbrella
it’s too risky
I don’t want nothing to be over me except the good Lord Himself
Cuz I’m in his corner trying to win the heavy weight belt
fighting to stay in the game, and not let the basic make my courage melt
I have to go Hard, and remember I have a goal to reach with my limited time. We both do

I can’t imagine how it is being a young black man, but we have to jus hold each other up like young strong black people.
See ourselves and our fellow brown people as Supreme Equals.
Past our enemies like they’re see through
when we get to the finish line we’ll say “III TOOLLLDDD YOOUUU”
now grab the Mic dude
eat the next verse like food

Devon Wilder February 4 at 2:46pm

dayum im kind of nervous u destroyed it n i like it but i’m gonna switch it up like outfits. i’m gonna talk about dis girl who i rocked like a pearl n she rocked my world. of course the intercourse was like an internal force the had my soul take a divorce from my flesh. i mean she was the best at least she neva left me undernief the sheets when it came 2 beef wit me. see the intensity was more in her mentality in reality she represented bmore n i presented queens im from from the city of big dreams n she was from the murdaland where they will murder a man for steppin of his sneakers. i let jayz n nas pump out my speakers n she had prince n luther 2 help her fly super. i drove a accord n she had a mini cooper. lol but i guess it was 2 good 2 b tru somethin like sunny summer blue sky excepting that no storm is on the way who knew my warm bed wud see heart broken emotions on its pillow display. i was funny becuz i was the hustle magazine n she was the bunny that wanted her pix in me. simply i thought she was my inverse like addition to subtraction then the plan came into action tru colors came 2 existance n when i was in the trance she decided 2 make n advance n took a different stance so now i burn the pictures n dont take a second glance. i guess lil mama was stuck on stupid claiming it n blaming it on cupid but i gotta keep it moving becuz side steppin was wha she was doin. wha u got del….

Shadel HrshReyalitee Preddy February 7 at 3:13pm

Ohh L.O.V.E like the concept knows me

It didn’t!

cuz ever LOVE left me heart singing I get so lonely by Janet Jackson

Not talking about a person, I’m talking about the EMOTION
So i’m thinking like, with all my might I held on tight to love like I was riding the back of a bike.
But with one bump in the road it was I who was ready to get off and take a hike.
I wasn’t ready for love like a 16 year old girl isn’t ready for sex
but just like her to him
I gave love my best, although I was scared to death, and held my breathe like i was going under water
Love made me nervous and gave me everything it had and i gave all of me right back, even exchange

BUT love thought my mind had been changed, but I was ALWAYS the same

Love thinks I’m just like the rest, but Love is stupid to think such bullshit

So LOVE treats me like Love treats everyone else they encounter
I was the player, Love ran the game
I follow all the rules, you say i love you, i said i love you too

If  I mean it the same
we made love like I wrote the recipe
Love sealed me with a kiss like

love’s lips was a letter that God wrote to me
and I think that was the case

Love is amazing and I can’t wait to feel loves Grace so I use my patience and I’m starting this waitin

I play my radio
Janet Jackson on repeat, I swear the shit is like the soundtrack to my defeat.
but i want to write something that’s gonna give me happy feet, hardy laughs, and help forget about the bruises my heart took…in the past

Because that love wasn’t true, next time it will be and that indeed is true, no false

cuz now I’m ready for Love, and I know how it looks when it comes in my direction

I’m ready for Love, so can you imagine the way Love will feel when we sexin?

Some call it heaven, I wanna call it addiction

Can you imagine the passion? I can’t wait for loves reaction

Wait…I can

And…I Will

I’m Cooooolin


Devon Wilder February 12 at 11:46am

my b 4 takin so long i know that was wrong holdin u up but dis snow disturbed my whole freestyle session wit verbal aggression wit u. but lets continue the topic love is done so i’m on the run like a outlawed convict. i stick 2 ut i start 2 stare out my window n wonder wha cover is this world under? i watch young black males become frail once a white chick enters there presence its like a skin color posses some type of essence. Then i watch as snowfalls and covers the grass n wonder y is it that black hands always touch the pentenitary glass before the white mans? i wonder y is it hard for a young black male 2 make his plans prosper in usa? n y if u change ur style 2 look more professional look ppl say u look gay? y is it the when ur on a pivot for ur digits hate tries to grab the plate of success from ur hands? or how come girls make a guys heart become numb so when they find a good one they cant detect if she is real or fake? y can only the ones who understand poetry can relate 2 the words we spit? del y?


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