HrshReyalitee & De’Jon

I’m thinking something like…A long walk and a cool breeze.

Feeling your  embrace down to my knees.

Making love to you under the palm trees.

Kissing you with words and Rubbing your body with rhymes.

Showing you a sample of my verbs by giving you exactly what you deserve

The loving that I’ve kept on reserve waiting for the one I’d call superb


Flow-anomics and I pass the class like the professor was tired of my black ass

He said you should be thinking about Black Power marched and making sure your dreads grow fast

I’m thinking of something else like…success all day and all night like achievement’s trynna turn me out.

And I’m like “don’t stop” like the desert said to the rain after a long drought

I’m passionate about winning, not for the money, not for the clout

But for the misguided youth that I want to make FULL like collection plates on Sunday

And then make him mad by being the FIRST one in class on Monday


Clearing the way, for my Creativi-TAY, you can call it Poetry or better yet my passion…

Hey passion I love the way you’re reaching to the smoke clouds that have me hacking

And all the hearts that open up when they find out it is YOU that they are lacking

And then FINALLY seatbelts begin strapping, and take off is what’s happening

Souls are now laughing

Fears and Doubts are collapsing

And the blunt is the next thing I will be dragging like I’m racing and I’m the finish line is blood shot eyes,


The last chick I slept with, I left breathless and wearing nothing but her necklace

Faintly asking me if she was the bestest, but I just wanted top and for her to do it her bestest (smh)

But I had her too sleepy, and she fell asleep soaked, wet and weak kneed

However stayed awake long enough to requesting my loving like episodes of #BGC (bad girls club)…weekly


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