I am addicted.

I haven’t done it in a while…

express myself with words that can only be interpreted by what lives in the sky.

Let go of my mind and let it run free beyond me and unleash what i call my Hrsh Reyalitee.

I haven’t done it in a while

Let my pals sweat from the itch of passion that is in need to be fulfilled.

I haven’t let the ink in my ink pen begin to search deep within my confusion to find a conclusion to my…craving.

Like the words I wrote: “Words cut the soul like a burning knife through skin to the depths of your soul trying to take access in” (“Floetry” Written by Hrsh Reyalitee)

I haven’t slit my wrist and let my emotions bleed out my Soul.

I have been afraid to carve out my struggle on canvas

It’s been a while since I attacked my insecurities.

I stand tall and proud like a Marine

However I’ve feared the pen and pad like a ghost writer Protegeeee

Scared to face MY name…Hrsh Reyalitee

The name ordained to me

As if I’m stuck in a fantasy of a perfect life

wishing for everything to be big and fine, as the night sky.

God never seizes to amaze me

I fear a gift that seems to be my inheritance

I haven’t done it in a while

stop thinking, i’m always thinkging

The Outcome of a proactive mind thinking inferiority

is this…

Me not doing it in a while

Leadership 101

I haven’t read it in a while

I lead off intuition, hoping for precision, eliminating division and sadly becoming accustom to bullshit

I haven’t done it in a while

Give you a piece of me in rhyme

Lyrical manifestations are like GOD, they never arrive when we want them

However they are always right on time

-Hrsh Reyalitee


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