It’s a Feeling

This is Reyalitee

this feeling that I feel…

It’s a feeling, not a word.

So I can call it whatever I’d like.

It will NOT change the feeling.


I can sit here and try and define it just so I can say it’s NOT.

Say… “No, it can’t be”.

But this is an emotion.

Emotions develop so this didn’t just happen yesterday.

As a matter of fact, it’s been around for…some time.

So this recognition will not alter Reyalitee because this feeling..that…I feel…

it is constant.

So, it is what it will continue to BE!

These words are just what I will CALL IT.

So, no matter the end of THIS day, this feeling will be what it was just as I felt when I awoke this morning.

Let’s be honest.  What am I afraid of?

That if they get any stronger, I will fall into a conscious coma induced by the high of… this feeling?

Afraid i’ll constantly be seated on the C train with a sea from this pool of truth on my brain. In an Orgasmic fatigue feeling…this feeling that… I have.

Mutuality is not needed; I am capable and willing to be lost in the feeling all….alone.

This feeling…

it goes to my gut like I have the guts to say what it is.

It gon Badu on and on like it’s never been before, because maybe it hasn’t.

-Hrsh Reyalitee


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