My First Love

To My First Love


I adore you and all of your mystery.

I wish I could touch,

Or maybe try to explain the love that I have but you always take the words from me

And leave me speechless…

You never have an answer to my questions.

Sometimes you don’t get me…

sometimes I can’t speak to you.

Sometimes I don’t know what to say to you.

You give me no aid…

you always just…Listen

When I cry, I give you my tears…you don’t make them stop.

You never did.

I think you love to see me cry…

You love to see me love…

I know nothing of you but what you’ve done to me and I hope to know what it is that I do for you.

Our relationship is dysfunctional, we don’t speak I just talk and sometimes I think I burden you.

I see what others give you.

At times I don’t feel worthy of you because others do you so much better…

You always let me in Poetry,

you always let me in.

Poetry you never let me down.

So many have, and I tell you all about it.

I show them my anger and I show you my emotion

because you deserve the best part of me, no-no

they didn’t!

and you respond in your silence.

Your actions speak louder than any of the words that I still yearn to seep from your…YOU

My God My Love Don’t go.

You won’t? I know.


My first Love…Poetry. The art. My Craft. My Love. Together Forever is how I seal this love letter.



-Hrsh Reyalitee


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