My ME. Your YOU.

I started writing this about 20 minutes ago, just finished.

I enjoy the feel of alone. This is how much I enjoy it I guess Lol. Enjoy

MY ME, YOUR YOU written by: Hrsh Reyalitee

Dancing in the dark is like an orgasm in the making, it’s the building up.

The touch.

The kiss.

It’s… the rush from the expected, yet unexpected.

The mystery of the night intrigues your senses

You tip toe in the dark as if the grounds you tread are unfamiliar

The music is airy, light, sensual, yet inspiration.

The room is dark, your alone; you feel sexy

You feel power filled and yet so vulnerable.

So powerless

And yet so free….

You’re surrounded.

They say when you close your eyes you can see inside of your Soul.

Your eyes are wide shut even with your pupils exposed.

You always see your YOU

You feel that person

You’re turned on.

But not in a matter that call for reinforcement.

No help, No company. Dead battery.

You’re lost in a world of ecstasy all by yourself while keeping your hands away from



You never know exactly where you are, you’re dancing and you’re prancing on a prayer.

Praying to evade all the things that are NOT clearly in the way, like stairs, tripping over the shoes you leave in the same spot everyday when you come from work.

You’re breathing heavy; you’re flirting with a potential visit to the ER from stepping on a push-pin Lol.

But…you still don’t want the music to end. No. Don’t stop.

You’re buried in passion from just listening.

All you have control over is your mind.

You feel like a bird flying underneath stars.

Song ends

You turn the lights on and your smile is as wide as your first left turn

You can’t believe you just did that yo.

You’re breathless, and filled with giggles crashing on the bed embracing the security of the light.

You’ve arrived, and although lights are nice. You close your eyes, and remember your dance.

Your body loved it.

-Hrsh Reyalitee

12/2/2010 4:24pm


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