Sex Slave.

When was the last time you were-
… touched like the world turned just to love you.

Touched good like you somebody
baby, and cool hand towel wiped down like a lady.

This is not fucking.

We are shouting our Love making
through bullets of salty sweat,
heavy groping and frowned kisses nonetheless.

This passion is happening while your reaction
is subconsciously assuming
I’m consciously deterring
your body to consume the likes of falling in love with keeping me company.

It’s happens.

Once you open the door, I’m sure
you’ll let me back in.

I have no doubts you’ll establish an
addiction once we start touching.

Women invite me to taste the silky
smooth supply that fleas the secret
valleys of their thighs.

Then they stack black books sky
high with pages full of both sexes
desiring to be their one and only.

Before setting the books ablaze they require me on the bottom
and she on top to ride me strong and hard
as if she knows what it is to be bare breasted AND a QUEEN before a God.

Usually the She is as bare as Me,
hair long or short as can be.

Wether it be permed; Miss Jet beauty.
Or natural so her Mother’s intentions of creating a New Nubian Queen are clear to me.

I don’t fuck hoes really,
the She sharing the sheets
is usually a woman with a brain and who enjoys writing her own poetry.

Not ONLY for the sharing if she feel the need be, but for the developing of her spirituality.

The decrease of her worldly ignorance
in order to behold a piece of PEACE

women who never wrote for me.
Instead wrote of me.

So Lady,
You may be
falling for grace, but what is the worry
if you land on Me?

Fret not if it just so seems you’ve dreamed of oceans of cream on me and made it a Hrsh Reyali…

Trying to stay cool about it.

biting your lips, frowning your brow, covering your mouth.
Baby, don’t hold back your smile…

wiggling your hips in hopes to and trying not to leave my grip

admit it’s heavy and legit the way you love the … but don’t reveal it

Make me work for this extra bit
of confidence
we’ll spit
to each other at the last finish line.

I’m going to drive you insane and I see your intentions are the same.
Drive me crazy, suck me sleepy.
Make me sensitive to the touch like “Oh baby take it easy”.

This is what love-making is when two Queens are involved.

So fall.
You will anyway.
I’ll be there when you get there.

Your sex slave.

– Hrsh Reyalitee


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