To My Drug Dealer

I see your face and I want to kiss you.

Every time I roll a dutch, I wish I licked the leaf to roll YOU up.
Smoke you til my chest caves in.
And I Justify these feelings
by only getting high when the day ends.
You My special friend.
Being an Addict is a badge if the addiction is home-grown.
My addiction brings my heart no affliction long as you pick up yo’ phone.
Can I have you at the drop of a dime?
Cuz only You know I’m home.
Don’t come to quick..I Love ya hold on my dome.
Can you be my friend forever?
How did you meet Mary Jane?
She cool like summer rain.
Y’all complexion the same.
Y’all both look right in my eye before gettin’ me high.
Why you look at me like that?
You don’t buy my disguise?
You think I don’t buy those eyes
but I do…
I’m Sold.
You got me and I hope you don’t go
without a smile
cuz please believe I wanna see you later…
Written by: Hrsh Reyalitee
*Lol. And now….the Art of “Who Got That?”

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