Hrsh Reyalitee. The abouts.

Hrsh Reyalitee (pronounced: Harsh Reality), the native New Yorker is a young poet who developed a love and appreciation for Poetry and the art of words at the young age of 10 by writing short stories and rhymes. She always enjoyed writing about the days and attempted to make sense of things.

“I use this as my crutch in life, it makes me feel better, I want to be great at it. I knew of Writers and Poets from school, but then I started reading Maya Angelo and at that point, I decided I wanted it, and then called myself, Poet”. – Hrsh

The name “Harsh Reality” was adopted due to the obstacles the young girl had already endured as she prepared for what was due to come. The name was revamped to ‘Hrsh Reyalitee’ during her high school years, not only did the name change in style but also in meaning. Hrsh Reyalitee is not only the face of the solider in battle, but of the one that has already won the war. During her high school years, Shadel Hrsh Reyalitee Preddy was given the Mary McLeod Bethune community service award from The National Coucil of Negro Women, and her passion for helping began to blossom as she became a woman. Throughout her college years at Hofstra University, Hrsh Reyalitee continued to grow as an artist, student, friend, and Poet. She dedicated her time to performed for her University, youth groups, events, and various adore worthy stoop sessions. You could also find her signing up for an open mic in your local Brooklyn cafe, or lounge.

She began writing for a online magazine called! Hrsh was grateful to work with an amazing staff and also with some of the most hard working people in the entertainment industry and it’s most noted entertainers such as Damon Dash, Common, Phylicia Rashad, Curren$y, The Dream, and B.Scott just to name a few. Hrsh Reyalitee is now set to debut her first published collection of poetry (the book), and it will be released mid June.

In 2009, Shadel Preddy created and organized FIRE BIRD MANAGEMENT TEAM for the management purposes of HRSH REYALITEE only, now FBMT has a new vision. In 2010, STREET POETS NYC was born. Hrsh began to spit Poetry on the subway, subway platforms, and out in the streets of Brooklyn just as the Original street Poets and lyrisist in the ’80s . Hrsh Reyalitee had a vision to make love, hope, and prosperity attractive in ways the elders dreamed of, and we only hoped for, with the help of dedication and fellow Poets and Poetry Lovers alike.

“The road has not been easy. However, because I was expecting traffic, delays, set backs, haters and crap. I wouldn’t switch lanes for anything in the world. Through everything that I had to go through, and put myself through to get here, I am exactly where I should be. I Thank God, My Daddy (R.I.P), and My Mommy” -Hrsh


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