Your Heart

 If I were your heart.
I’d tell you this…
I didn’t belong where I was put. 
But I loved it as is
You couldn’t touch me but trust me you felt perfect.
And my fit?
The size of your fist
I wish you loved and held a little higher like this
real high
like red eyes
and your expectations.
I kept you alive.
You wanted just. to. be. fly.
So, You put me out even though you KNEW you’d die from such a thing.
You know we never had wings.
You wanted your way
Why couldn’t I have stayed?
The first I got broke, I sure wish you had prayed.
Why didn’t you sing to me?
I just provided the beat.
I never skipped to run away, I just wanted to see.
From the beginning til the end. Our rise and fall… it all was greed. 
I did it for me, I did it so we could eat. I did it so we could live good. I did it so your hugs could be sweet.
I did it so you wouldn’t give up on us. I did it because I loved flowing with you.
I loved listening to your voice.
Now it’s to hell with You.
Love Always,
Your Ripped Out Heart. 
Written by: Hrsh Reyalitee

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